RFI Shielded Chassis

RFI Shielding

One of our top-selling products, the RFI Shielded Chassis, was designed by a Caltech engineer for the LIGO projectLaser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory – a large scale physics collaboration founded by Caltech and MIT, and sponsored by the National Science Foundation.. This RFI chassis was specifically designed to protect highly sensitive electronic components used to detect and analyze gravitational waves from space. Thousands of our shielded chassis are now used for this purpose.

This carefully engineered enclosure is crafted for easy access to its component parts and can be ordered with tighter spacing of the screws at the customer’s request. It is made from an affordable, light-weight aluminum sheetmetal that promotes conductivity and provides attenuation of radio frequency interference (RFI). The metal chassis is then coated to inhibit corrosion and retain conductivity.

Watch how this chassis effectively attenuates radio signals from AM (low frequencies around 1MHz) to FM (higher frequencies around 100MHz).

Watch how a normal AM/FM radio signal is blocked by the shielded chassis.

If needed, designers & engineers can add RF gaskets to their product design to enhance the shielding capabilities and extend the useful frequency range.


  • Reliable RFI shielding
  • Solid structural design
  • Perfect for rack mounting
  • Easy to maintain the components inside
  • Trusted by brilliant engineers around the world

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