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About HMI

Innovator-friendly & flexible. We grow at your pace.Our technology and expert craftsman support you every step of the way.

Hamilton Metalcraft is a precision sheet metal fabricator and problem-solver. We produce high-quality parts and components to specification for a variety of applications for industry professionals.

Our customers are innovators and established businesses who sell to other professionals in their field — radio stations, musicians, cable television companies, tech companies, hospitals, and medical professionals. We also produce chassis and metal parts for the United States military and aerospace industry.

We are a family-owned business since 1965 with an expertise in product development, sheet metal manufacturing, and customer satisfaction. Our reputation for excellence is hard earned and we pride ourselves on the partnerships we build with our clients.

You can expect…

  • High-quality materials and finished products
  • Flexible production schedules
  • Automated technology and equipment
  • Skilled craftsmen
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Fast turnaround
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Quality inspection expertise

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